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Located on Praia do Guajirú, in Trairi, the five-star hotel Radisson Flecheiras arrives in Ceará with a premium structure of 144 suites, all with international standards of accommodation and services. The development is part of The Coral, one of the largest multi-property and hotel complexes in the Northeast, which also includes 700 residential lots and a leisure space called Ocean Lounge Beach Club. The hotel is scheduled to launch in 2024.
BRIC, a Dutch developer based in Spain, launches its first project in Brazil: The Coral, a mixed project, which combines residential subdivision and a high-end resort. With fractions starting at R$ 50,000, the complex located on Flecheiras beach, one of the most sought after for kite surfing and one of the most paradisiacal landscapes in northeastern Brazil, should attract families in search of a second vacation home.
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