Untouched village

Mundaú is a small village on the coast slightly northeast of Trairí. Its name means ‘large lake’ in the indigenous language.

Mundaú is a quiet seaside resort with a small selection of hotels and restaurants, designed in the local ‘rustic’ style with palm-leaf roofs and wooden verandas.

The lake – famous for its green-blue colour – sits on the estuary of the River Mundaú where it meets the ocean and serves as a small fishing boat harbour. Catamaran trips are available up the River Mundaú to explore the mangroves and local fauna.

The beach itself is made up of long, wide sandy stretches dotted with coconut palms and backed by dunes. During the rainy season, fresh-water lagoons fill up in the dunes and form natural swimming pools, one of the area’s main tourist attractions.

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