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Northeast Brazil is renowned at home and around the world for its exquisite, untouched natural beauty, azure Atlantic waters and white sand beaches.

With a perfect year-round 28ºC average temperature it has long been a preferred tourist and second home destination for Brazilians, with the region receiving a large number of the 60 million domestic tourists each and every year

Regarded as a natural paradise with several UNESCO Heritage sites, Brazil’s north east offers breathtaking sceneries, idyllic conditions for a variety of beach sports from horse riding to windsurfing and dune buggies, exceptional local cuisine, a culture with deep African roots and beautifully preserved historic cities famous for their colonial architecture.

Brazil’s diverse culture, vibrant carnivals, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes from tropical rainforests to rolling sand dunes and idyllic beach paradises keep visitors coming to this exceptional country. It has incredible natural diversity and is abundant in natural resources.

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