Leading economic growth

Pecém is a small village relatively untouched by tourism but is home to an important industrial port for the region. It is also a favourite with surfers and kite surfers.

Surfers enjoy the beach at Pecém as the waves are near perfect for the sport and is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Pecém’s oceanfront beach offers a traditional community where you can eat local cuisine and admire the handicrafts of local artisans.

Pecém is becoming one of the most important import/export hubs in Brazil thanks to a huge new port and industrial complex being built there. It has become a major focus for economic growth – double-figure GDP increases expected – and job creation – over 130,000 jobs – with several important infrastructure upgrades in and around Pecém. As a result, population growth for Pecém and its surrounding areas is predicted to be high over the coming years.

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