Winds attract watersports on the west coast of Ceará

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With a privileged coastline, sun for most of the year and a lot of wind, Ceará is a mandatory stop on the route for water sports enthusiasts. According to the State Tourism Secretariat, 10.3% of tourists who arrived in Ceará on a tour in 2018 classified sport/adventure tourism as the reason for their trip. Of these, 70% are kite surfers. At The Coral Resort, a tourist complex in Trairi (CE), about 40% of the demand for lodging or buying houses is for practitioners of sports activities, especially kitesurfing and windsurfing.

“The sports tourism movement is pushing up a number of segments, including luxury hotels. In September, The Coral hosted one of the main kitesurf sporting events, Naish One Week 2020. Tickets were sold out, which shows the strength of Ceará  as a meeting point for these athletes “, highlights Ana Paula Oliveira , Operations Manager at The Coral Beach Resort. The Coral is located in the municipality of Trairí, 137 km from Fortaleza, where there are some of the most suitable beaches for practicing activities such as kitesurfing, stand-up paddle, diving and windsurfing – among them Praia de Flecheiras.

The second half of the year is one of the main periods of sports tourism in Ceará, due to the high temperatures between 24º C and 32º C, in addition to the windy season, a period when the gusts reach 50km / h, according to Funceme. At The Coral tourist complex, about 80% of the houses are already rented for the end of the year, between December 2019 and January 2020.

About The Coral

With about 900 thousand m², The Coral is the first venture of the Dutch group BRIC Group in Brazil. With a privileged location and a selected audience that already knows the destination thanks to one of the best winds in the world for kite surfing, the paradisiacal landscape project focuses on wellness and contact with the exuberant nature of Guajirú. The Coral’s overall sales value (PSV) is estimated at $ 150 million.

Published: 4th November 2019

Original Articles: / Journal Turismo & Eventos / CNews

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