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When it comes to miles of golden sands, the beaches in Ceará more than deliver. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice with a long list of one stunning beach after another along the 573km of coastline. But there’s one spot that stands out among all others – the beaches at Guajirú. Here are 10 reasons why.

Pristine sands

Located about 90 minutes’ drive of Fortaleza Airport, the beaches at Guajirú offer perfect golden sands. They stretch as far as the eye can see along the coastline, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean. These Ceará beaches are unspoilt and yours to discover.

Well-kept secret

Part of the charm of these beaches lies being off the radar. This part of Ceará is known only to discerning Brazilian holidaymakers who (wisely) have kept this stunning spot to themselves. The Huffington Post described the sands at Fleicheiras as “1 of the 7 under the radar destinations to ignite your sense of wonder”.

Perfect temperatures

Not for nothing is Fortaleza known as the Sunshine capital of Brazil. Holidaymakers can look forward to year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. Make the most of them on the beaches at Guajirú where gentle Atlantic breezes temper the heat at the height of summer.

Beach Club on the doorstep

Along this quiet stretch of coast in Ceará, you won’t find much development, but at Guajirú is Ocean Lounge, a recently opened beach club. Here, you’ll find all you need for a perfect day by the beach – pools and loungers, live entertainment, restaurant and bar, kitesurf school…

Great breeze

We’ve already mentioned the ocean breezes that bring down those scorching summer temperatures. And they make for perfect kitesurf conditions too. Not for nothing are these beaches in Ceará one of the best places in the world to ride the waves. You can take lessons at the Ocean Lounge Beach Club or if you already have the skills, hire equipment for a great day on the surf.

Easy social distancing

In these unusual times, quiet holidays are a must. Getting away from everything and everyone is easy at the beaches in Guajirú. Just choose your spot on the sands and get ready to enjoy some relaxing you-time. And you can walk for miles along the sands and see just a handful of people. Just what the doctor ordered right now!

Award-winning beach villas

Also on these beaches in Ceará is The Coral, a 5-star award-winning resort offering the best accommodation in the area. You can choose to stay at one of our prize-winning villas where, as you’d expect on a resort of this calibre, service comes with a capital S.

Love this part of Brazil so much you want a piece to yourself? Take a look at our investment options on the resort itself. Choose from apartments or villas, all unique and perfectly designed to ensure the best beach holiday.

Stunning scenery

Nature offers the next compelling reason to choose these beaches in Ceará. Feast your eyes on sand dunes that stretch into the distance with freshwater lagoons dotted among them. Admire the palm plantations, swaying gently in the breeze. And then of course, turn your attention back to the beach with its golden sands and turquoise water. Not for nothing is The Coral slogan, luxury defined by nature.

The best sunrises and sunsets

This part of Brazil has the perfect position to catch the sun first and last thing. Admire the break of dawn as the sun comes up over the Atlantic Ocean – take a stroll along the shore as the first rays sparkle on the water. And relax with a cocktail and live music as you watch the sun set in the west at the end of another day on the best beaches in Ceará.

Quiet and undiscovered

And lastly, these beaches at Guajirú are worth choosing for their tranquility. In today’s busy, busy world it can be hard to find somewhere to truly unwind. But in this part of Northeast Brazil you’ll find time has stopped still, making it the perfect place to sit back and relax.

But don’t take our word for it – take a look at The Coral’s location and see for yourself.

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Rental villas reopen at The Coral

The Coral Beach Resort has reopened for holiday lets, villas and suites. Guests have, once again, the chance to stay at 5-star accommodation on a high-end resort on one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches in Ceará.

Ceara beach, a haven of domestic tourism in Brazil


In the year that international travel is a challenge, staycations will come into their own everywhere including Brazil. Domestic tourism is set to surge this year as more Brazilians than ever choose to holiday in their home country with some states such as Ceará poised to take maximum advantage of the trend.

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