9% of Brazilians plan to visit Ceará in 2024

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Trends in Tourism survey, presented by the Ministry of Tourism in January 2024, reveals that Ceará and Northeast Brazil are top favourites for holidays this year. 9% of respondents said they planned to visit Ceará in 2024, making it the fourth most sought-after destination in the country.

One-tenth of holidaymakers to visit Ceará

The survey, one of the most comprehensive in recent months, asked respondents about their holiday plans for this year. Ceará ranked as the fourth most popular state in the country, behind just Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Almost one-tenth (9%) intend to travel to Ceará during 2024.

In addition, Northeast Brazil is overwhelmingly the most popular holiday spot, attracting 47% of Brazilians. The Southeast was the nearest competitor, with a total of 38%. Almost all respondents (92%) said they would be holidaying in Brazil, rather than abroad.

Preferred attractions and companions

The survey also asked about the most sought-after tourist attractions. In 2024, destinations offering sunshine and beaches are the most popular, with 38% of respondents ticking this combination as their first option.

Over half of Brazilian holidaymakers will travel with their families, while 22% will do so with their partners.

Holiday plans for summer 2024

The Brazilian summer (December to March) is the highest holiday season on the calendar and includes New Year and Carnival, two of the most celebrated occasions. In summer 2023/24, the vast majority % of holidaymakers expressed a preference for destinations offering sunshine and beaches. The 51% stood well ahead of the 9% for rural and ecotourism holidays.

Northeast Brazil was the preferred region for the summer holidays, with 42% of respondents ticking this box. Once again, plans to visit Ceará were also one of the most popular and the state ranked fifth in Brazil. 7% of the total said they would be travelling to Ceará.

Ten days was the average length of a summer holiday during summer 2023/24, with each traveller spending around R$1.877.

(Source: Ministry of Tourism)

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