Tourism in Ceará gets spring boost

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Tourism in Ceará is gradually getting back on track. May registered activity above the national average and continued the increases seen since the beginning of the year. May figures were particularly promising and Ceará tourism performed better than many of its main competitors in the country.

Big jump in activity in May

The latest figures for tourism in Brazil show that Ceará saw one of the highest increases in tourism activity in the country. The state saw a jump of 19.5% in the sector compared to the month of April.

The figure comes in higher than the national average – 18.2%. In addition, tourism in Ceará saw a bigger increase than other holiday hot spots in the country such as Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catalina and Pernambuco.

When compared to May 2020, the figures are even more impressive. Ceará tourism has climbed 116.1% in a year despite continual travel restrictions and the lack of foreign visitors.

Continual increases this year

One of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, tourism in Ceará is gradually getting back on track. After lockdown in 2020, the state bounced back with one of the highest increases in the country. And 2021 is following the same pattern.

In March, activity went up by 2.4% on February while April saw an increase of 3.5%. But May’s figures (up 19.5%) show the strong return of tourism to Ceará. The uptick reflects more passengers on flights – air traffic in Brazil rose by 39% in May – as well as higher numbers of hotel and restaurant guests.

Promising high season on the horizon

July and August make up one of the busiest seasons for tourism in Ceará, second only to Christmas and New Year. As the vaccination programme advances and Brazilians prepare to travel, the state is looking forward to a strong summer.

But this year, vacation trends have shifted because of the pandemic. Brazilian holidaymakers are now keen to get away from the crowds, want destinations in natural surroundings and prefer to stay at self-catering accommodation rather than hotels.

As a result, the focus will be on beach locations such as Flecheiras in Guajiru to the north of Fortaleza rather than the traditionally busier holiday spots like Jericoacoara and Cumbuco. At The Coral Resort, bookings are already high as demand for self-catering establishments in Flecheiras rises.

(Source: O Povo)

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