Why more Brazilian families want to buy beach resort homes

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With the shift in housing trends, Brazilian buyers are increasingly keen to buy a permanent home on a beach resort. Over the last few years, demand for this type of property has experienced a marked uptick as Brazilian families realise the benefits of resort living. This new trend also opens up exit strategy potential for investors buying property in Northeast Brazil.

Solid demand for properties in Brazil

The country has a well-documented housing shortage and strong demand. According to a survey carried out by Datastore Series at the end of last year, over 12 million Brazilian households are actively looking for a new home. And they plan to buy within the next 24 months.

Shift in housing trends

In addition to the huge demand, Brazilians now want to live differently. Families want larger homes with designated spaces for home offices and school work. And they’re keen to live in more open spaces away from the confines of city centres. However, families also want onsite amenities with something to entertain the parents and children alike.

Properties on beach resorts tend to tick all these boxes, particularly those resorts whose location includes natural surroundings. Unsurprisingly, there has been a steady increase in demand for beach resort properties.

Benefits of beach resort properties in Brazil

Brazilian families looking for more space, less pollution and onsite amenities also benefit from:

A better quality of life – living by the sea increases wellbeing and even more so if the resort is in a location with a year-round pleasant climate. Northeast Brazil has the best weather in the country and the state of Ceará the highest number of sunshine hours.

Contact with nature – beach resort homes not only guarantee plenty of fresh sea air, they also offer the chance to be in wide, open spaces. For example, The Coral sits on one million squares metres of dunes, palm groves and lagoons. Plus it’s right next to one of the most beautiful (and quietest) beaches in Northeast Brazil.

Entertainment and things to do – many beach resorts organise year-round activities for all ages with particular emphasis for children. Brazilian families, therefore, have entertainment on their doorstep and in safe, enclosed surroundings.

Property investment value – another reason that Brazilian buyers want beach resort homes lies in their capital appreciation potential. Beachfront properties attract a premium price meaning that their value always increases exponentially. They also offer holiday let possibilities adding an extra stream of income.

Onsite security – many beach resorts in Brazil are on enclosed complexes and contract round-the-clock security services. Residents and guests therefore have total peace of mind that can be difficult to find in a city.

Invest in beach resort properties with an exit strategy

The Coral, a 5-star resort right on the beach in Northeast Brazil, offers investors the chance to tap into the local demand for beach resort properties. The resort has a wide range of options from duplex and 2-bedroom apartments to ready-to-let villas. Prices start at US$80,750 (€68,550) and several investments include guaranteed rental income for at least two years.

Find out how to invest in beach resort properties with an exit strategy.

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