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Ceará land sales surged in 2020 on the back of strong demand. Analysts report an extremely busy start to the year and expect sales to go by 50% throughout 2021. Reasons for the appeal for plots in Ceará include high returns (at least 10%), cheap mortgages and the opportunity to buy a tailormade home.
Northeast Brazil is the Brazilians' favourite place to spend carnival 2021. Seven of the top ten preferred destinations are in Northeast Brazil and Salvador and Maceio have displaced Rio de Janeiro, the usual king of carnival. The shift in trend bodes well for Ceará and in particular, self-catering accommodation in quieter resorts.
New trends have emerged in tourism in Brazil post lockdown. Not only are Brazilians keen to make up for lost time by travelling more, they are looking for destinations with open spaces and away from the crowds. Covid-19 health and hygiene protocols are a top priority as is sustainability. As Brazilians seek to get away from everything and everyone, destinations such as Ceará in Northeast Brazil are more popular than ever.
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