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New trends have emerged in tourism in Brazil post lockdown. Not only are Brazilians keen to make up for lost time by travelling more, they are looking for destinations with open spaces and away from the crowds. Covid-19 health and hygiene protocols are a top priority as is sustainability. As Brazilians seek to get away from everything and everyone, destinations such as Ceará in Northeast Brazil are more popular than ever.
A recent survey found that Fortaleza is the most popular holiday destination for Brazilians in summer 2021. For the forthcoming holiday season over Christmas and New Year, the capital of Ceará topped the rankings dominated by Northeast Brazil. The region took 7 out of the top 10 places confirming its position as favourite among Brazilians holidaymakers.
Ceará tourism registered the highest increase in Brazil in August compared to July. The rise of 85.4% was over four times higher than the national average and almost twice as much as the state's nearest competitor, Bahia with a 48% increase. Analysts believe the figure shows that tourism in Ceará is back on track after lockdown and augurs well for the summer season.
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