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Floor Plans

Villa Nusa Dua offers two bedrooms and is designed for an occupancy of 4 to 6 people. The build size is 138 sqm (1,482 sqft) distributed across one single level between two separate buildings. The main larger building houses the open-plan living area, kitchen, guest bathroom, service area and one bedroom with its own ensuite bathroom. The second building comprises a magnificent master suite with ensuite bathroom and two verandas. The pool lies at the heart of the villa and offers an exquisite Gazebo for poolside relaxation.

villa nusa dua floorplan main
nusa dua side view

swimming pool

The swimming pool is situated at the heart of the property configuration making it an integral part of the villa. Accessible from all areas of the villa, the crystal green waters act as a main focal point and allows residents to fully enjoy the local climate. The pool is finished in Lux Verde Degradé green tiles and has an L-shape design interrupted by a Gazebo. At 10.25 meters long, the pool’s size and variety of water depths provide enjoyment for all guests. Tasteful white stone walkways and hardwood decking border the pool.

nusa dua pool
rustic swimming pool plans

Landscaped Gardens

Landscaped gardens make the most of the area’s spectacular tropical flora. Two landscaping options are available – standard and premium – where the plant types, numbers and maturity will differ. All trees and plants in the garden are native to the area and chosen for their adaptation to the local climate and soil conditions ensuring your garden thrives to its maximum potential. Plant examples include tropical palms and vibrant bougainvillea against a background of Korean lawn grass.

Build Specifications

Internal Areas

FLOORING: White ELIZABETH varnished porcelain tile

CEILING: White PVA latex paint

BASEBOARD: Santa Luzia Recycled Polystyrene 3454 RP



WALL: White ELIZABETH varnished porcelain tile

COUNTERTOPS: Icaraí yellow granite and mate ELIZABETH tile

METAL FIXTURES: CELITE metals and valves


WALL: White ELIZABETH varnished porcelain tile and beige Jatobá tile

COUNTERTOPS: Nevasca white granite

METAL FIXTURES: CELITE metals and valves



FLOOR: Muiracatiara wooden deck

ROOF: Timberwork

PILLARS: Eucalyptus Wood


FLOOR: Coated cement with crushed stones

WALL: Wood and ELIZABETH bright pool tile Lux Verde Degradê

PILLARS: Eucalyptus Wood

Doors & Windows

external: Hardwood and colourless glass

internal: Varnished Schneider wood

Energy Efficiency Features

Wind-generated Electricity

Solar-generated Heat

Water Treatment

Energy Efficient Design

High Performance Windows

Use of Natural Light

Natural Landscaping

Sustainable Materials

All-inclusive Cabinet Packages

To complete your villa, we offer three cabinet packages – Gold, Silver and Bronze - from Brazil’s leading suppliers of quality home cabinet work, Italinea. The cabinet packages provide cabinet ware for kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards, living room television cabinet, guest bathroom vanity unit, bedroom wardrobes, bed headboards and bedside tables and bathroom vanity units.

Gold package

The Gold package offers top of the range cabinet ware with the ultimate luxury finish.

Silver package

The Silver package offers a mid-range cabinet selection in a variety of high-quality finishes.

bronze package

The Bronze package offers a more basic package ideal for a buy-to-let investment.

Villa Nusa Dua

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