Flecheiras on the map as little oasis in Ceará

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Once a well-kept secret among discerning Brazilians, Flecheiras is emerging on the radar as a rising star on the list of most sought-after holiday destinations on the Ceará coast. The latest mention comes in the Diario do Nordeste broadsheet. The article describes Flecheiras as “a little oasis in Ceará”. 

Most beautiful (and quietest) beaches in Ceará 

The travel piece leads with a description of Flecheiras. Fine white sand, clear warm water and natural pools are all part of the scenery the holidaymaker can expect to find when they visit this part of Ceará. 

Flecheiras, part of the Trairi municipality, lies around 120km to the north of the state capital, Fortaleza. Its location has the advantage of being on one of the least developed parts of the coastline and surrounded by nature

What to do in Flecheiras

But lack of development doesn’t mean that holidaymakers are short of things to do in this part of Ceará. The Diario do Nordeste lists a number of activities, all with the common denominator of making the most of the stunning surroundings

Activities include taking a buggy and quad ride along the miles of white sands as far as Trairi River. Your trip could also include a visit to one of the natural lagoons on the way such as Lagoa do Jegue. 

Watersports come into their own in Flecheiras, one of the best places for wind and kite surfing in Ceará. Several establishments in the resort have surfing facilities where you can take classes and hire equipment. They include Ocean Lounge Beach Club at The Coral Resort

What to eat in Flecheiras 

The article also looks at places to eat in Flecheiras and describes the area’s typical dishes. As you’d expect, at the top of the menu are fish and seafood, caught locally by the traditional jangada boats. 

Traditional recipes include fish stews – manta ray stew is a particular speciality, fried fish and tropical salads. For those with a sweet tooth, dishes to try come with brown coconut sugar, coconut caramel and homemade ice cream. And in your glass, caipirinhas and other classic Brazilian cocktails take centre stage with non-alcoholic options including natural tropical fruit juices. 

Where to stay 

The ‘little oasis in Ceará’ has a number of establishments offering accommodation, many of which enjoy a beachfront location. The article lists several including The Coral Resort where guests have a choice of serviced villas and suites, all within the resort and right on the sands. 

Flecheiras has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the last 18 months as more holidaymakers seek quieter beaches surrounded by nature. On several occasions, accommodation has been fully booked, resulting in upward pressure on prices. During the last summer period (December 2020 to February 2021), prices for self-catering accommodation in Flecheiras went up by 20% on the back of huge demand. 

Up-and-coming destination 

Since then, this part of the Ceará coast has seen a steady rise in popularity. For example, the state was voted the best tourist destination in the country in the Top Aviesp awards from the Sao Paulo Association of Travel Agents.

And it has also consolidated its position among the higher end of the travel market. In September this year, Teresa Perez Tours, one of Brazil’s main luxury tour operators, reported a surge in demand for holidays on beaches in Ceará like Flecheiras. “They have been a real hit so far this year,” said Marcello Zeni, Head of Marketing at the company. 

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