A high-end natural holiday destination in Northeast Brazil

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The ideal destination for those looking for tranquillity, nature and a high standard of services, The Coral resort. The development by the international developer BRIC Group in Brazil is awarded and recognized internationally for its impressive location, facilities, architecture and design.

The Coral is located on Flecheiras beach, on the coast in Ceará, about 120km west of the capital Fortaleza. It is the ideal destination for those looking for a vacation in the midst of nature, with breathtaking views and perfect weather for water sports. And with 5-star hotel services.

The resort, parts of which are still under construction, welcomes tourists to the villas and apartments completed on site, and offers the personalized services of the Ocean Lounge Beach Club, already in operation. Coral Private Residences, the resort’s multi-property format, offers dream vacation homes for families across Brazil.

The Coral, with a focus on wellness and contact with nature, has international hotel services and a discerning clientele, who are already familiar with the destination thanks to one of the best winds in the world for the practice of kite surfing and its paradisiacal landscapes.

Between this year and 2022, to add extra value and enjoyment of guests, The Coral will see the completion of several additions to the Resort. They include the construction of a new club, the hotel under the Radisson brand, a water sports club on the lake, beach tennis courts and the delivery of more houses and loft apartments.

The project is the first multi-property project in the state and the first fractional sale project by BRIC Group, a global developer based in the Netherlands, which has sold more than 2,000 properties around the world to date. The Coral project is entirely financed by investment from BRIC Group itself.

In addition to fractional sales and the opportunity to own a high-end property as a second home or holiday home, there are other advantages to the project. These include acquiring a property registered in your name for a small amount of money and a property to leave to your heirs. There is also the possibility of renting the fraction purchased while at the same time enjoying 5-star hotel services at hand from your own home. In addition, there is no concern with the maintenance of the property, fully managed by the Resort’s administration.

Another advantage of buying a BRIC Group fractional at The Coral is that owners automatically become members of one of the largest exchange companies in the world. This allows them to exchange part of their vacation time at The Coral and spend it at any of the more than 4,500 RCI-affiliated resorts in over 100 countries. In other words, if you buy a fraction of two weeks, you can spend one week at different places in the world, or the entire fraction in different destinations, each year. Or two weeks every year at The Coral!

(Source: Portal Turismo Total, Segs, O Semanario)

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