Why investors with dollars have the edge in Brazil this year

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Investors with dollars have had the upper hand in terms of currency opportunities for the last few years. And as the strength of the US currency rises in 2021, certain real estate markets offer an even better edge. Brazil is one of them and this year, Forbes is calling Brazilian real estate the world “super champ”.

32% more buying power

Forbes recently studied foreign property markets looking for the best in terms of currency opportunities. All three top tips are in South America with Brazil the first and foremost because of the strength of the dollar.

According to Forbes, purchasing power for Brazilian real estate has risen a massive 32% this year. The broadsheet calculates that investors have seen a 101% increase in leverage since 2015, one of the highest in the world.

Wide-open window

2021 is, says Forbes, a window of opportunity to invest in countries where buying in dollars gives investors the advantage. This window will not, however, remain open indefinitely and the articles underlines that 2021 is the year to buy to obtain maximum benefit from the strength of the dollar.

Mexico and Colombia are also strong contenders for investors with dollars this year. Both countries offer investors a 7% increase in purchasing power based on exchange rates against the dollar.

However, Brazilian real estate goes one step further. 2021 not only offers the unique chance for buyers with dollars to get almost a third more for their money. Forbes also says that 2021 is “perhaps the best time in our lifetime to buy”.

Ride the wave of economic recovery

Buying Brazilian real estate with dollars now to tap into the favourable exchange rates will reap rewards in the short and medium term for investors. Investing now gives you more for your money with a double advantage as Brazil’s economy recovers from the Covid slowdown.

Capital appreciation on Brazilian real estate – economic recovery will cause house prices to rise in Brazil adding to the potential for higher gain on exit.

Higher value in dollar terms – hand in hand with a healthier economy goes a stronger currency and dollar buyers will be able to reap rewards as the Brazilian real regains loss ground.

Also best beachfront property

Investors buying Brazilian real estate with dollars this year are also tapping into one of the world’s top places for beachfront property. The 2021 Global Property Survey compiled by Live & Invest Overseas ranked Fortaleza and Ceará frontline beach real estate as one of the world’s top five.

Among the survey’s reasons for choosing Ceará were the opportunities available for dollar buyers. This verdict coincides with Forbes.

With the potential for a 32% extra this year, Brazilian real estate stands tall in the world in the global real estate. Little wonder that Forbes calls it the world “super champ”.

Did you know? Investment in dollars at The Coral starts at just US$40,500

(Source: Forbes)

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