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Since BRIC Group was first established over 25 years ago, its philosophy and approach has always been about its clients. We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust and confidence. To this end we offer transparency from the moment we start communications with our clients and maintain this throughout the process. One of the best ways to see how this transparency works is by reading our clients’ testimonials.

The Coral has two types of clients: the investors who purchase the real estate opportunities available at the resort; and the guests who stay at the holiday lets available at The Coral. At BRIC Group, we’re proud to say that the client reviews from both sides of the spectrum reveal trust and confidence. And most importantly, our clients recommend our services.

What investors say about The Coral

Everything transparent – in their client reviews, many investors highlight the transparency when dealing with BRIC Group. Ian Gill, for example, values the fact that everything went ahead as we said it would. “When I was told something would happen, or would cost a particular amount, then it did,” he wrote. “BRIC do exactly as they say,” reiterates another client.

Everything secure – BRIC Group only offers investment opportunities owned by the company, a security that clients value. “All of their property offerings are actually property that they own,” explained Kemmon Guadalupe, adding that this fact gave peace of mind.

Everything responsible – clients emphasise that the returns are in line with what BRIC Group offers. Adrian Ruscoe said, “I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that my property value had also risen by 15% in the four months since completion.” Others highlight the veracity of guaranteed returns, offered by several investments at The Coral.

Customer service – in order to establish long-term relationships with our clients, we need to provide first-class customer service. Judging by the BRIC Group reviews, we tick this box well. “BRIC has the flexibility to fit in with their customers’ needs,” said Jagdeo Nirsook. An investor at The Coral admired the BRIC Group “professionalism and customer-centric approach”.

You can read more BRIC Group client reviews here.

What guests say about The Coral Beach Resort

Managed by Atlantica and one of the prime resorts on the Ceará coast, The Coral Beach Resort has earned itself a five-star rating on the accommodation platform,

The Resort earned the Travellers Review Award 2021 based on the excellent feedback from guests. Furthermore, ranks The Coral among the top ten best places to holiday in Ceará because of its “exceptional hospitality”. The over 350 reviews on give the resort an overall rating of “fabulous”.

So, what do guests at The Coral Beach Resort have to say about their experience. Obviously, each guest perceives their stay differently, but common themes emerge throughout the reviews. They include:

Best customer service – “the staff were very attentive and polite,” said one guest and the majority of reviews underline the high level of customer service at The Coral Resort. “First class hospitality during the whole stay” sums up the experience for many.

High standard of food – the quality of the breakfast appears time and time again in the reviews. And guests also highlight the seafood available. “The breakfast and service were impeccable.”

Heavenly location – one guest refers to The Coral Resort as “a hidden gem” and many highlight its natural surroundings. The beaches feature in the reviews too – “amazing” is a common adjective while one Brazilian guest says it’s “heaven on earth”.

Prime facilities – most guest praise the facilities available at the resort with Ocean Lounge Beach Club a particular plus. “And the lounge with the infinity pool and wet bar, wow!” said a guest who stayed in February this year. “One of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in,” said another.

You can read all the client reviews for The Coral here.

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