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As one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Brazil, Ceará remains a firm favourite among Brazilians. Recent hotel occupancy figures have confirmed this popularity as the state emerges as one of the top places to go on holiday post-lockdown. To broaden its appeal, Ceará is promoting new destinations in the state including Flecheiras.

New destinations to be discovered

The latest Ceará Roadshow has two clear objectives: to promote “conscious tourism” and new destinations in the state. The first concept is in line with sustainable tourism, the new watchword within the sector this year.

The second concept aims to take Brazilian holidaymakers outside the best-known resorts in Ceará such as Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada to discover new places. They include Flecheiras, Vale do Cariri and Guaramiranga. The goal is to turn them into destinations in their own right rather than just places to stop at en route to somewhere bigger.

New types of Ceará tourism

The state already stands out as a favourite for a beach holiday, but the tourism authorities are keen to promote other attractions. Water and wind sports are at the top of the list – the Ceará coastline lends itself particularly well to kitesurfing and hosts several world championships every year.

The new destinations also offer holidaymakers the chance to be in the open air in natural surroundings. Gastronomy and culture form another part of ‘conscious tourism’ that the state is looking to promote.

85 travel agents and 11 Brazilian cities

Organised by Ceará tourism department, the Roadshow attracted 85 travel agents in its first stage at Fortaleza. The Roadshow then travelled to 11 cities throughout Brazil, promoting new types of tourism and destinations until 4 December.

Reasons to choose Ceará

One of the reasons why Ceará regularly tops the list of preferred holiday destinations is its connectivity. Fortaleza Airport offers a wide network of domestic flights and boasts one of the best choices of international destinations too.

Ceará tourism reported that Gol is negotiating with other airlines to distribute domestic flights to the seven regional airports in the state. They also said that Air Europa will maintain its flight to Madrid.

“We have excellent connectivity, both at national and international level,” said Thiago Marques, Head of Marketing at Ceará tourism.

Top favourite for the summer

The Ceará Roadshow will undoubtedly put destinations such as Flecheiras on the map for Brazilian holidaymakers already keen to travel to the state this forthcoming season. Flecheiras has seen its popularity soar for Christmas and New Year when demand doubled prices for holiday lets in the area.

The new place to holiday in Ceará

Like most resorts on the Ceará coastline, Flecheiras offers stunning sandy beaches, dune and palm groves with year-round sunshine. But unlike many resorts, Flecheiras also offers tranquility and the chance to get away from the crowds.

This characteristic is likely to stay since the area has little development – The Coral is the only beach resort and there are just a few small hotels. With optimum kitesurf conditions, miles of empty sands and good roads to Fortaleza Airport, Flecheiras looks set to be the most sought-after spot for holidays in Ceará.

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